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Your Garden

Looking for ways to make your garden more earth-friendly? There are many options that allow you to practice sustainability while providing the best growing conditions for your plants and lawn.

Use newspaper to control weeds instead of synthetic materials, like landscaping cloth: Many people throw old newspapers in the recycle bin, but you can save them to use in garden beds. Just like landscaping cloth, put a layer of newspaper on top of the soil and cover it with mulch or rock to conserve moisture. It degrades after a few seasons and makes it easier to add new plants – unlike landscaping cloth, which lasts for years and is difficult to cut through.

Apply insecticidal soaps for pest control or other natural methods: Instead of chemical sprays or insecticides, use a soap formula to ward off harmful pests. The best option is to purchase a soap-based insecticide instead of concocting your own, since many household soaps and detergents can be harmful to plants. There are also other organic and natural insecticides that you can purchase online or at your local garden center. Visit or for specific products.


We have been researching effective ways to promote sustainable gardening for several years.
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What does it mean to be sustainable?

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The beneficial microbes that come with CIRCLE OF LIFE plants serve as initial inoculums to the consumer's garden...


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